Malevolent Dark Contributors

Here are the current Malevolent Dark contributors. We are always looking for new ideas and voices. We also entertain guest blogging spots. Please let us know at [email protected] if you are interested in writing for us. We accept one time and reoccurring contributions. Come join the horror of it all!

Malevolent Dark Editor, Malevolent Dave

Malevolent Dave – Editor / Contributor

Dave was raised on horror movies. The first film to blow his mind was House on Haunted Hill (1959). From that film, Dave caught the fever that keeps him in the horror game today. He has written over 100 posts on and continues to manage and grow the site. His favorite horror film of all time is the Tobe Hooper classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)Dave’s focus tends to skew towards classic horror from the previous 5 decades. He holds a special love for Italian horror, especially the giallo sub-genre.

Dave also manages the official @malevolentdark1 Twitter handle as well has his own, @malevolentdave


Malevolent Dark Contributor, Benny SabbatelliBenny Sabbatelli – Contributor

Benny Sabbatelli is an Creative Writing student studying in England. He writes short stories, reviews, essays and all things horror. He specializes in the gritty, the melancholic and anything purgatory. He writes short purgatory stories on Amazon under the series Where The Flowers Bloom. Before joining, Benny professed his love for the movie Soutbound (2015) and wrote his first review on the film. It well represents his current writing focus. Benny also provides a unique perspective in his contributions as he grew up watching modern horror.

Benny can be found on Twitter at the handle @NudeBreakfast


Zack Puckett - ContributorZack Puckett – Contributor

Zack Puckett was introduced to Horror at a young age. He grew up viewing the likes of Jason, Freddy, Chucky and Candyman. Zack is compiling a list ranging from 1895 to today of every horror film ever made. Having seen over two thousand Horror films, he seeks to elevate obscure horror out of the depths while still paying respect to the classics. He predominantly watches the Extreme subgenre but has a love for all horror. His unique tastes provide a welcome perspective to our site. When we met Zack, we could barely keep up with the crazy films he was voraciously consuming. Somebody has to do it.

Zack’s handle is on Twitter is @ZackPuckett6