What do you want to review next?


Hopefully at some point, this will mature into a more formal click-box survey.  Honestly, I tried, but with several hundred movies on-tap, it was too cumbersome build a massive form with my existing tools. If you guys come up with something, I probably have it in my archive. If I don’t, maybe I need it. Please feel free to get creative. I have plans for some head-to-head matches and top-10 lists. If there is something you want to see, I’ll do what I can to crank out the content.


3 thoughts on “What do you want to review next?”

  1. Digging the inclusions of these independent movies mixed in. They are not always going to end up on the side of ‘must see’ (or even should see sometimes), but it helps spread awareness of what is actually out there and a lot of the time you see these aspects that are cool or just very different within them (and the reviews help guide the way to which independents will peak an interest.) I’ll toss out three that might be interesting for review (again, not necessarily saying I have these in top categories by any means): Eat (your recent cannibal viewings made me think of this; definitely has scenes that can be considered squeamish); Black Mountain Side (your The Thing review reminded me of this one as they seemed to be inspired by it); and Horsehead (I would put this one in the category of an experience… good or bad one we’ll have to see what you think. Certainly a visually beautiful acid trip and I think you will at minimum enjoy that aspect, though not always coherent.

  2. Nice work on the recent updates. I also love to see Exorcist III get some attention; still feels so overlooked to this day. A few initial movies that come to mind that I would be interested in reading your take: Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Stage Fright (1987), Ready or Not (2019), Martyrs (2008), Scream 4, and Never Hike Alone (Friday the 13th fan film that is studio made quality).

    1. Hey thanks for the comment. Believe it or not, I have only seen 2 out of that list. I love getting new recommendations. Thanks for checking it out!

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